HVAC Installation & Replacement

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Take advantage of our free home engineering survey and analysis before purchasing your new comfort system to ensure your system is properly sized to maximize your comfort and save you money. Our analysis ensures your new comfort system fits the homes unique needs and solves all your comfort concerns. Many residents in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are finding their current heating systems are too large for their homes, increasing operating costs and decreasing the life of the unit.

Talk to our heating replacement contractor to see which type of system would work best for your home. From heat pump installation to oil furnace replacement, we do it all here at Apple Comfort One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Heat Pump Replacement

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Absorption Heat Pumps


Furnace Replacement

Gas Furnace

Oil Furnace

Central Warm-Air Furnace (Forced-Air and Gravity Furnace)

Boiler Replacement

Gas Boilers

Oil Boilers

Indirect Water Heaters

Ensure your furnace, boiler or heat pump is sized to fit your home before you buy by calling us today!

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

"The Most Important Day In The Life Of Your Heating & Air Conditioning System Is The Day It's Installed."

To make sure you won’t experience problems down the road, our air conditioning technicians will take time to properly install your system. Our specialists can handle a variety of systems from all makes and models. From residential cooling to commercial air conditioning and HVAC installation, our technicians are experienced and qualified to handle any system replacement. Take a look at some of the systems we have replaced and installed in the past.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Conventional Central Air High Velocity Systems Ductless Systems

Air Handler Replacement

Blower/fan – usually located in a large squirrel cage blower driven by an electric motor to move the air. The blower may operate at a single speed, offer a variety of pre-set speeds, or be driven by a variable drive so as to allow a wide range of air flow rates.

Heating and/or cooling elements - depending on the location and the application, air handlers may need to provide heating or cooling or both to change the supply air temperature.

Filters – air filters are almost always present and needed in order to provide clean dust-free air to the home interior.

Humidifier - is often necessary in colder climates where continuous heating will make the air drier, resulting in uncomfortable air quality and increased static electricity.

Mixing chamber - to maintain indoor air quality, some air handlers commonly allow the use of outside air into the home, as well as the exhausting of air from the home. A mixing chamber is used with dampers to control the ratio between the return, outside, and exhaust air.

Controls - are necessary to regulate every aspect of an air handler, such as: flow rate of air, supply air temperature, mixed air temperature, humidity, air quality. Common control components include temperature sensors, humidity sensors, sail switches, actuators, motors, and controllers.

Vibration isolators - since blowers in an air handler can create substantial vibration, they are normally inserted into the duct immediately before and after the air handler and often also between the fan compartment and the rest of the air handler.

Air handler - is usually located in the garage, a closet or in the attic unless it is part of a package unit, then the air handler is incorporated in the system. The air handler can be an up flow air handler, down flow air handler or horizontal flow air handling unit.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner or heater replacement! We would be more than happy to determine if a simple repair will do the trick or if you need an entirely new system.