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PureSept® HEPA Bypass Filter System
Simply the Purest Fresh Air Possible
  • True HEPA filter like those used in hospitals
  • Uses combination of three filters to purify your air
  • Contains a built-in, German engineered motor between the filters

MicroGuardian Air Scrubber® III
The Optimum Dust, Germ, and Odor Scrubber for the Cleanest Air Possible
  • Reduces and absorbs odors and toxic compounds with dual carbon filtration
  • Filters submicronic allergens as small as .3 microns
  • Irradiates and neutralizes bacteria and airborne viruses through Germicidal UVC Light Treatment

Fantastic Filter®
It Earns an A+ by Trapping 95% of Allergens
  • 500% more effective than fiberglass furnace filters
  • Designed and recommended by leading allergy and asthma physicians
  • Captures 95% of allergy-causing particulates in the air

Quantum 254 LED HL and OxyQuantum® LED
Zap the Germs, Odors, and Toxins from Your Air
  • Quantum 254 LED HL reduces mold, mildew, fungi, irradiates and neutralizes bacteria and viruses through Germicidal UVC Light Treatment like hospitals do
  • OxyQuantum LED uses the same UVC Light Treatment with an additional UVV Light which reduces pet odors, cooking odors, and tobacco smoke
  • Reduces toxic compounds like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide through oxidation

The Talking Thermostat®
It Talks – Brilliant, Yet Simple
  • Improve comfort and lower utility bills with programmable features
  • Easy to use, voice instructions make programming simple
  • Alerts you to system maintenance requirements and informs you of who to call

Stop the Thermostat Tug of War!
  • Zoning allows you to create Hawaii in one room and Aspen in another!
  • You have control over each zone in your home so that you’re comfortable no matter what room you’re in

Variable Speed Motors
More Comfort. More Savings. Less Noise!
  • Uses advanced controllers to automatically change fan speed based on your home’s heating and cooling requirements
  • Improves energy efficiency when used with IAQ equipment, allows for continuous, lower energy use of your system’s fan
  • Air blasts when your system kicks on
  • Noisy start-ups
  • Wear and tear on your fan and motor

Keep your comfort inside your home!
  • Save money month after month with lower energy bills
  • Protect the planet by using less energy in your home
  • Be more comfortable while using less energy and lowering utility bills
  • Plus, your system won’t have to work as hard to maintain your comfort so it will last even longer

Goodbye Dry Skin, Cracked Lips and Static Shocks!
  • Perfect humidity in winter
  • Prevents drying of nasal passages which allows contagious viruses to enter the nose and cause illnesses
  • Relieves static electricity when walking on carpet
  • Keeps wooden furniture and doors from shrinking during the dry season

ToraVac® Source Removal
Vacuum Away the Years of Dirt, Dust, and Debris Stuck in Your Ducts
  • Only source removal system guaranteed to make your home a cleaner and more comfortable Nature’s Home environment
  • Exclusive nine-step process removes accumulated dust, dirt and particles from ducts

Drain Pan Treatment
Stop the Stagnant Swamp with the Bacteria-Buster
  • Keeps air conditioner’s drip pan clean to prevent fungi, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth and odors from standing in stale water

MicroPower Guard® Air Cleaner
  • The Dust Magnetizer that Leaves You with Nothing but Clean Air
  • More than a filter – it’s a polarized media air cleaner
  • Filters submicronic allergens as small as .3 microns
  • 98% of airborne particles are below one micron and store-bought filters can’t collect these smaller particles
  • Includes one year’s supply of replacement media

Water Treatment
  • With the closed nature of most boilers, oxygen can build up inside your system
  • That excess oxygen can pose a threat of rust, but special water treatments can protect your boiler from the inside

Baseboard Unit Cleaning
• Excess dirt and buildup over years on your baseboard units can diminish their effectiveness
• By restoring these units they can more efficiently deliver heat throughout your home

Low Water Cut-Off
  • Automatically shuts your boiler off if there is a loss of water to protect your system from extensive damage

Flow Control Valve
  • Keeps the hot water in your system flowing exactly where it’s supposed to be to provide optimal comfort for you

Micro Air Eliminators
Removes air from your system that can cause:
  • Corrosion
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Poorly heated or inadequately cooled rooms
  • Accelerated wear and tear on your system

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AFUE and what does it mean?
AFUE means Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The AFUE percentage tells you how much energy is being converted to heat. The higher the number the greater the efficiency.

What is an Air Handler and what does it do?
The Air Handler is the portion of your heating and cooling system that forces air through your home's ductwork.

What does the term Capacity mean regarding my HVAC system?
Capacity relates to the ability of a heating or cooling system to heat or cool a given amount of space. Heating is usually expressed in BTUs; cooling is expressed in tons.

What is a Compressor?
The Condenser is the motor/pump that drives the air conditioning unit. It is responsible for pumping refrigerant throughout the system.

What is a Condenser Coil and what does it do?
A Condenser Coil is part of the outdoor portion of a heating or cooling system, which releases or collects heat from the outside air.

What is a Damper and what does it do?
A Damper is a valve or move-able plate used in duct work that opens and closes to control airflow. They are used to direct air to specific areas of the home.

What is a Downflow Furnace?
A Downflow Furnace is a type of furnace that takes cool air from the top and blows warm air to the bottom.

What is a Ductwork System?
A Ductwork system is a series of hollow metal pipes used to transfer air throughout your house.

What is an Electronic Air Cleaner and what does it do?
An Electronic Air Cleaner is a device that contains electrically charged plates that "attract" particles and contaminants passing through your indoor air system causing them to "stick" to the plates, cleaning the air more thoroughly than a store bought paper or fiber filter can.

What is an Evaporator Coil?
An Evaporator Coil is part of the heating or cooling system located indoors that cools and dehumidifies the air by converting liquid refrigerant into gas.

What is a Heat Exchanger?
The Heat Exchanger is major part of the furnace that transfers heat into your home. Over time it can become stressed and crack which requires the system to be replaced.

What is a Heat Pump?
A Heat Pump is a unit that handles both heating and cooling. In some climates, a heat pump may handle your heating and cooling needs more efficiently than a furnace and air conditioner.

What is a Horizontal Flow Furnace?
A Horizontal Furnace is a type of furnace, installed on its side, which draws air from one side, heats the air and then sends it out the other side.

What is HSPF and what does it mean?
The initials HSPF stand for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. It is the terminology used to indicate the heating efficiency of a heat pump. The higher the number the more efficient the heat pump will heat your home.

What is a Whole-House Humidifier?
A Whole-House Humidifier is a piece of equipment that adds moisture to the air as it comes out of the furnace or air handler.

What does HVAC mean?
HVAC is the standard abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

What is Refrigerant?
Refrigerant is a chemical that cools air as it evaporates.

What is SEER and what does it mean?
SEER is the abbreviation for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. SEER measures a unit's cooling efficiency. The higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency.

What is a Single Package Unit?
A Single Package Unit is an outdoor unit that contains both a heating and cooling system.

What is a Split System?
A Split System refers to an air conditioner or heat pump that is combined with indoor components, such as an evaporator coil inside and a condenser coil outside your home to manage your indoor air temperature.

What is a Smart Thermostat?
A Smart Thermostat is a programmable device that monitors and controls the temperature inside your home. One major benefit to using a smart thermostat is the ability to program it to reduce the homes temperature to save money when you’re away, and then raise it to your "normal" comfort level before you return home. Some units can even be managed via smartphones.

What is an Upflow Furnace?
An Upflow Furnace is a type of furnace that draws cool air from the bottom and blows the warmed air out the top.

What is a Ventilator?
A Ventilator captures heating or cooling energy from stale indoor air and transfers it to fresh incoming air.

What is Zoning?
Zoning allows you to control the heating and cooling delivered to specific areas of your house for a custom solution. Zoning can increase efficiency and comfort in the areas of the house you use most often.

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