Apple Comfort's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning® Exclusive Guarantees

How do you know a company cares about you the customer and the quality of their work? They stand behind it – that’s how.  Here at Apple Comfort’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning® in Dublin PA., your complete satisfaction with our Heating and Air Conditioning services and technicians is 100% guaranteed. Our technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug-free and experienced—and our techniques are state-of-the-art, guaranteed!

Our U-WIN and ON-TIME guarantees are the Best In The Country, backed by technicians that are trained, skilled and experienced to exceed your expectations and needs. You will never be kept waiting. We are “Always on Time... or You Don’t Pay a Dime.”®

Total Comfort Guarantee

Our Total Comfort Guarantee means we take the time to properly measure your home and listen to your needs to determine what size system fits your home. If you suffer from allergies our Fantastic Filter® and other Indoor Air Quality products can greatly reduce, and in some cases eliminate your symptoms. We also carry and install whole house Humidifiers, all to ensure your home environment is as comfortable as possible.


On Time Guarantee
If our One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® serviceman is even one minute late the service is on us. Plus, we have convenient appointment times that fit your schedule, 7 days a week.


Straightforward Pricing™
We give you options for solving your heating and air conditioning problems, tell you the cost of your repairs upfront, and wait for your approval before doing any work.


Drug & Alcohol Free
Our employees go through an extensive battery of background checks before being hired, and random drug tests, where permitted by law, throughout their tenures.


The 97% Difference
Our employees are the very best in the business. Only 1 out of 33 of those who apply actually qualifies to enter your home wearing the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® uniform.


Property Protection & Client Respect Guarantee
Our technicians are the best in skill and workmanship. While they are in your home, your property will be protected from any damage.


Total Comfort Guarantee
Your comfort is our priority, that’s why there is a guarantee that the system we install in your home will heat or cool your home to specification for a full five (5) years.


100% Guarantee
All repairs to your HVAC system are backed by our 100% guarantee. If a repair fails during the current heating/cooling season, we’ll repair it again at no cost.


"No Lemon" Guarantee
We guarantee our air conditioners for 5 years and furnaces for 10 years.  If a system fails during that time we will replace it at no charge and provide a new "No Lemon" Guarantee for the replacement.

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Quick Tips

Tip Eighteen

A maze of heating and air conditioning ducts runs inside the walls and floors of 80 percent of American homes. As the supply ducts blow air into the rooms, return ducts inhale airborne dust and suck it back into the blower. Add moisture to this mixture and you've got a breeding ground for allergy-inducing molds, mites and bacteria. Many filters commonly used today can't keep dust and debris from streaming into the air and over time sizable accumulations can form — think dust bunnies, but bigger.

To find out if your ducts need cleaning, pull off some supply and return registers and take a look. If a new furnace is being installed, you should probably invest in a duct cleaning at the same time, because chances are the new blower will be more powerful than the old one and will stir up a lot of dust.