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Rodney-for-web Rodney Freed - President - Rodney formed Apple Comfort Services, Inc., in 1997. Prior to 1997, Rodney had 16 years experience in heating and air conditioning throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA.  Rodney grew up in Doylestown, he and his wife Jane have two daughters and two grandchildren. Rodney is EPA certified, NATE certified and is a certified Comfort Advisor. Andrew-for-web

Andrew McDermott - General Manager -  Andrew has 30 years experience in HVAC as a technician, manager and teacher. He and His wife Ginny have five children and six grandchildren. Andrew is EPA certified, NATE certified and is a certified Comfort Advisor.









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Tip Seventeen

Most houses with forced-air furnaces have a standard furnace filter made from loosely woven spun-glass fibers designed to keep it and its ductwork clean. Unfortunately, they don't improve indoor air quality. That takes a media filter, which sits in between the main return duct and the blower cabinet. Made of a deeply pleated, paper-like material, media filters are at least seven times better than a standard filter at removing dust and other particles. An upgrade to a pleated media filter will cleanse the air of everything from insecticide dust to flu viruses. The only drawback to a media filter is its tight weave, which can restrict a furnace's ability to blow air through the house.